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  • NGOs

    If you are an NGO working to Provide Support to Women and Children in distress, please use the form below to submit Information about your Organization and your work to us. The Info will be made publicly available through this site in various formats.

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    maps4aid IVR Platform

    Please call us at +91 - 22 - 61245805 and leave a message with Information about the NGO or Helpline. Our Volunteers will contact you if further details are required and for verification. Please provide as much information as possible in your voice message. Thank You.

    A Maps4Aid Initiative

    This Crowdsourcing Project is an Initiative by to Collect, Verify and Host Information about Helplines for Women and Children in Distress in India. The Source Code used is Open Source powered by Ushahidi Crisis Mapping Platform. Once enough information has been gathered, the data will be made available to other websites, apps by API calls.

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